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This could be the new website for your high school swim team, college swimming or aquatics club. Everyone should know how to swim and be able to swim well enough to save themselves and others if needed. You will have more fun with your friends if you know how to swim! Don't make excuses, young or old, you should be able to swim and you will look and feel better for it and you will have a whole lot of fun too! Consider taking a CPR corse and Lifeguard certification as well. And boys, don't swim with your shirt on! Boys are meant to be seen, not hidden behind a wet t-shirt. Watch what you eat, shave down, get six pack abs and be the envy of everyone at the pool or beach! Swimmers have a LOT more fun! Never make fun of anyone who cannot swim... people rarely admit they can't until they get in too deep. Teach them to swim, they will always appreciate the time you took and you could save their lives.

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